A visual timeline of "planned" wish list items

I'd like to see a list or visual timeline of when planned wish list items are going to be built. I know the wf team only release an update once it's been fully vetted for bugs and this sometimes causes delays, but I'd rather know when new releases like interactions 2.0 are scheduled vs. released.

Native ecommerce has been "planned" for years. Let's keep everyone accountable!

  • Andrew Leyland
  • Feb 8 2017
  • Feb 10, 2017

    Admin Response

    Thanks for the request, we're continuing to work on making more information public, without creating unrealistic expectations for ourselves (e.g. sometimes you have no idea how long something will take until you look under the hood, or sometimes looking under the hood requires a full infrastructure rewrite!). We agree with the sentiment that some of the past product promises were inaccurate (e.g. e-commerce), and we're trying to be conservative with our "planned" bucket within the wishlist (3-6 month timeframe, which seems long, however, we want to remain conservative). This blog post outlines what some of the various Wishlist statuses mean in more detail. Hopefully that helps!


  • Hustle Everyday commented
    February 09, 2017 23:07

    And maybe some progress updates along side with the would be nice. I'd like to know, "oh crap, Interactions 2.0 is going to take a month longer than expected. We won't see it until June instead." Well  "at least I can plan around that since I'm aware of what is going on".

  • Ray Norris commented
    February 10, 2017 17:16

    ABSOLUTELY - This is a great idea and minimal best practice we should expect.

  • Ray Norris commented
    February 10, 2017 23:12

    Thanks for commenting Admin.  I am confident this will foster improved internal practices as well as favor with you customers ...  Posted Anticipated Delivery Dates (Quarter is fine) will be appreciated.

  • Nathan Steele commented
    July 11, 2017 21:21

    @admin, I know you guys are still in the startup stage...but maybe you either need to hire a few more developers to knock some this stuff out that we as your customers really need and really want or open it up to the community to help flesh some of this stuff out. Whatever the case, technology moves fast, and it's honestly not fair to makes us wait many months or, in some cases, years for a greatly needed feature, especially if there is no ETA (be it rough or not). Btw, deadlines are a good thing...it makes me people get stuff done, and most people need them, truly, myself included :)