Internal site anchor links open text entry

Currently working on a hidden site within our main page. The hidden site consists of 6-10 pages (modules 1-10) with individual anchor tags set up on links that are visible on the left portion of the page.

As an example, each page has a section with ID tags for 'lesson', 'activities' and 'resources'.

Rather than going in to each page and modifying the external link to include '#lesson', it would be a nice quality of life feature to be able to have a text box under the Page Link Settings dropdown to type in an ID tag.

Given that each page section might not be able to communicate correctly, since the Page Section feature only shows anchor ID tags available on the current page, having an open text box to type in what the tag should be would save a lot much time.

As an example of how this works in my mind:

If the site in question was, the open text field would allow me to type in "lesson" and the link when clicked on would go to:

Then, when everything was finished, I could update the Parent Folder from 'testing' to what it is meant to be, and the internal anchor links would not break.

This would also allow for duplicate pages to be made (with the same nomenclature/structure), and the only thing that would change is the 'testing' slug; but all internal section anchor points still intact, since they are using the Page Link Settings feature.

  • Matt Lanier
  • Dec 22 2020
  • Reviewed