Remove unused font families from code

There is an ongoing issue with the code Webflow producess. Once a Font family has been added is appears in the code regardless if you have removed the family from all classes and don't utilise it on your site. There is no way to remove these font families or track if they are showing in your code. It makes a small difference to percormance, sure, but often a few extra miller sec off a load time can make all the difference. Not to mention is this issue is combined with large image files that are required for a design, it can greatly impact load time.

  • Shaun Lonergan
  • Dec 28 2020
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  • Eugen Martin commented
    24 Oct, 2022 01:07pm

    This can also open you up to potential GDPR violation, e.g. these jackasses are suing our company for using a Google font I'm struggling to remove from our Webflow project:

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