Publish / export to Git

In addition to the standard publish or export (to zip) workflows, it would be wonderful to be able to export directly to a source control repository (git, in particular)

  • Luke Preiner
  • Feb 9 2017
  • Guest commented
    18 Feb, 2022 09:29pm

    Finally, you can host your website in GitHub with Stacket:

  • Guest commented
    8 Nov, 2021 11:58am is the new discord invite link forever.

  • Guest commented
    8 Nov, 2021 11:26am

    Join this discord FlowHub to send me your email address to sign up!

  • Guest commented
    8 Nov, 2021 11:20am

    I developed a tool that pushes the whole webflow site to github, everytime you hit the publish button!

    Its called FlowHub and it will be online in a few weeks, the website officially and the dashboard is already online available and use-able.

    It actually

    • Pushes the website to GitHub every-time it gets updated - Automated

    • Underlines the design changes

    • Inlines CSS files (for better performance)

    • Removes the Webflow Badge (even without a plan)

    • Lazy Loads more intelligent images than webflow (more intelligent)

    • You can even host your website directly to a Domain (Custom Domains will be later available) > with a click of a button

    • More Features in the future!

    For now you can actually use the latest plan for free.

    Also there will be free, advanced and pro plan for users.

    Let me know your email-addresses, so I can sign up you all for the BETA Testing Program!

  • Jarek Lipski commented
    3 Oct, 2021 05:05pm

    I created Webflow Git - a simple, free utility to track changes to a Webflow site on GitHub. It’s a kind of version control system supporting the Backup, that can monitor changes to the generated stylesheet as well as pages content. It currently doesn't support hosting the exported sites, and it only extracts text content (so no images, movies, etc.) It doesn't require any permissions to Wenflow account.

    You can find more info / discussion on the forum.

  • Dan James commented
    26 Jul, 2021 08:48pm

    This would be a game changer.

  • Bartosz Erbert commented
    18 Jan, 2021 04:16pm
    I needed this feature as well so I decided to build it. There you go:

    This app automates GitHub export of Webflow project. After Webflow project publish, it takes new assets and code and makes a new commit to the previously created GitHub repository.

    If you have any questions, write on chat added to the website.

    Have fun!
  • Mike Schuman commented
    17 Dec, 2020 02:09am

    I have to say, I have just subscribed and may cancel due to the inavailabilty of this integration.

  • Macrometa Corporation commented
    28 Nov, 2020 12:32am

    I'm kind of shocked this feature still isn't available. Could you at least create an export api endpoint?

  • Erik Aronesty commented
    24 May, 2019 07:09pm

    You can automate a pub to zip/unpack/commit/push.... not that bad.

  • Ilias Ismanalijev commented
    24 Mar, 2019 06:27pm

    This would be useful to improve webflow for webapp development. You could link webflow to your php back-end in an easier way for example.

  • Nick Soper commented
    20 Aug, 2018 09:05am

    This makes me think that for this feature to work, you would need to be able to add notes every time you published. So I added that idea:

  • Flávio Henrique Cardoso de Freitas commented
    18 Jul, 2018 10:06pm

    this transform webflow in outher step

  • Marcelo Gonzaga commented
    16 Jan, 2018 07:57pm

    With Github/Gitlab/Bitbucket support, please! :)

  • Marco Sylvestre commented
    25 Dec, 2017 02:57pm

    Can't agree more !

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