Improve Designer Performance by Caching Pages for quick switching

I bouce between multiple pages frequently in Webflow's Designer, especially when moving elements or verifying consistency.

Every time I open a page in Designer, Webflow starts the entire loading process again. There's no cache as you move between pages in the Designer. Our own live website loads significantly faster than the Designer, which feels very clunky and slow.

Feature Request: I assume it's because the pages are not being cached in Designer. That might not be the issue, but I'd like the results of a cached page: instant, or near-instant, loading of Webflow Designer pages that I've already opened during this session.

I'd rather wait an extra 2 minutes during first load or 3x the RAM consumption, than need to wait 3-7 seconds each and every time I want to change pages.

On my desktop system, I can switch between very complex multi-layer images & 4K video projects much faster than Webflow Designer can switch pages; perhaps this is the limit of JavaScript? But, with PWA and Web Assembly and the entire shift towards faster web applications, I hope Webflow can deliver.

  • Tiada Guru
  • Jan 12 2021
  • +2