Section components for customer website management

It would be an idea to be able to create a component option that enables that component to be reused from the editor of the customer (owner of the website) and to add it or delete it from a page.

This functionality could be paired with another functionality that could be the possibility to create new "pages" from a template (like header and footer and rich text) from the editor side.

It would be the best customer experience being able so to create a new page with custom pre-built sections and not have to always rely on the the designer for small changes. It will also prevent them to mess up the design.

  • Gianmarco Varetti
  • Jan 15 2021
  • Reviewed
  • Jon Thomas commented
    13 Jun 05:59pm

    I submitted a similar idea. Possibly a duplicate. Please merge if needed.

  • James Brown commented
    22 Jun, 2023 08:44am

    This would be brilliant if could link with the CMS.
    A feature that would be a game changer for Webflow would be if 'sections' could be designed and then these used within the CMS. E.g. section with image and text, section with 3 images, with 5 images, etc.

    This would allow portfolio sites to be a lot more customisable via the CMS.

  • Modern Muses commented
    3 May, 2023 01:23am

    Custom components/sections for the customer use plus an opportunity to create a new component with new class names when reusing it. These changes will bring Webflow to a totally new level. Without these functionality impossible to compete with wordpress and squarespace