Give product variant buttons the same styling options as regular buttons

When the option to turn the variant drop-down select to buttons was released I was happy, but then I discovered the styling options were bafflingly more limited than those for other buttons. I would love the possibility of further tweaking them, adding icons for instance, to have visual buttons, but unfortunately it ain't possible.

  • Alexander MacIntyre
  • Jan 18 2021
  • Already exists
  • Admin
    Webflow Admin commented
    28 May, 2021 08:01pm

    This is currently not possible for elements within the Variants option list.

  • Alexander MacIntyre commented
    28 May, 2021 08:10am

    How about using CMS properties in the buttons?

  • Admin
    Webflow Admin commented
    27 May, 2021 09:58pm

    Hey Alexander,

    While it is possible to add icons to the buttons using the background image and padding properties, adding an icon as a separate element inside the button is not possible. Here's how to add background images.

    If you have any questions about implementing the design, please post on the forum.