Dynamic Variables

We have conditional visibility ability in the CMS, however, we do not have a way (to my knowledge) to dynamically change those variables.

One example of why this would be paticularly useful is a proper loading screen. Currently (again according to my limited knowledge) we can create fantastic loading screens, however, it's either all or nothing.

I have created a loading screen on my site, but it loads everytime I click on 'home'. It would be nice to have something such as the following:

var runLoadingScreen = true; (created at site start-load)

then in my interactions tab, add an action:
runLoadingScreen = false;

after it has loaded.

That way, the user would be able to view the opening scene only when they come to the website, and it would not matter what page they enter from.

  • Dave Birnie
  • Jan 18 2021
  • Reviewed