Add Facebook Conversions API to Webflow servers

This is a crucial functionality for anyone who advertises using Facebook Pixel. From Apple iOS update 14.3 they will be shutting down retargeting through the Facebook Pixel. Adding the Facebook Conversions API to the Webflow servers is one of the few solutions that can help keeping it alive.

Link to Facebook info about Conversions API

Link to Facebook info on this update

  • Floris Keyzer
  • Jan 19 2021
  • OrthographIQ commented
    15 Jun 01:15pm

    Hello, Facebook will completely disable pixel by october 21, this feature is mendatory !!!

  • Fabio De Rosa commented
    28 May 04:20pm

    Hey, did anyone work this out?

  • Chris White commented
    24 May 05:28am

    Was a solution ever found for this one or are we still waiting? Have a client requesting it be setup on their Webflow site.

  • Stefanie Lebsack commented
    11 Mar 04:16am

    I'm happy to see the issue is now solved. Thank you for updating us with the outcome.

  • Elav8media commented
    9 Mar 12:30am

    None. I wrote support and they sent me links to zapier and integromat. Seems Webflow is just beautiful but about to be practically useless for online marketing UNLESS they partner with Facebook. Im getting ready to download my code and go back to wordpress so I can alleviate some of the hit my analytics is about to take.

  • Handi Setyadi commented
    7 Mar 09:50am

    iOS14 is coming very soon, any update from Webflow?

  • Hi Live commented
    2 Feb 12:16pm

    Hi Floris, did you maybe manage to build a temporary solution?

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