Symbols with information about referenced pages

It'd be great to be able to see a list of all the pages containing a given symbol.

(Same feature would be great for classes and interactions, as well.)

  • John Smith
  • Feb 9 2017
  • Stefan Blendulf commented
    17 Dec, 2023 05:24pm

    How hard can this really be to implement? This takes forever - it's just stupid.

  • Nicolas Lassaux commented
    28 Nov, 2023 12:46pm

    It takes forever to retire a component without it. Please give us a hover on "and 3 on other pages" or something... anything!

  • Hürkan Gökkaya commented
    20 Jul, 2023 11:02am

    Components shows how many instances used but we need list of them, which pages please thanks. Big projects it is hard to find and search.

  • Alexander Engl commented
    12 Apr, 2023 09:10am

    wow... 2017... now 2023... no more hope

  • Jordan Connor commented
    4 Apr, 2023 12:23pm

    A list similar to the class panel would be great, "Symbols affected on other pages". Just converted soem elements to symbols and can't seem to see where those classes are used anymore

  • Nathan Lenkowski commented
    24 Feb, 2023 11:46am

    Holy smokes is this feature needed! I've been consolidating components today and wasted a ridiculous amount of time tracking down where some older components were used. Also, this feature request should be renamed to "Components with information about referenced pages", as per the recent renaming of symbols to components.

  • Mandy Hopp commented
    24 Aug, 2022 04:08pm

    Please add this.

  • Jayse Hansen commented
    8 May, 2022 02:08am

    The lack of this feature wastes HOURS and HOURS of our time.

  • Don Neufeld commented
    1 Apr, 2021 04:11pm

    Absolutely essential! Shocking that this is missing.

  • Techy Campaigner commented
    22 Mar, 2021 06:22pm

    It's hard to believe that Webflow would choose to launch Symbols without this absolutel essential functionality.

  • Nikol' Moira commented
    11 Jul, 2019 03:15am

    Yep, this is a must!

  • Alex Patriquin commented
    23 Feb, 2019 11:08pm

    need this so fucking bad

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