More properties in interactions for bigger abilities and functionality.

There are some blocks, that are really hard to adapt or it's simply pointless to adapt them. Due to that, you want to use interactions to show such blocks wholly to a user.

This video is in Russian, but you'll get the point easily watching what he is doing:

I consider this animation very attractive and incredibly useful in some cases.

but fighting with it for two days I realized that it's impossible to implement it properly with the relevant abilities of Webflow.

Due to every device has its own width and height, and moreover, you change properties of some blocks for a better view, it's impossible to implement this animation with any measurement units.

If we could change flex and grid properties in interactions, only then we'll be able to execute such a thing appropriately for every device.

and, please, add the ability to change the background photo in interactions, because now I need to do so much work with buttons and icons, while we don't have such an ability.

  • Wh1te Cl0ud
  • Feb 5 2021
  • Reviewed