MailerLite integration

Hi wonderful webflowers worldwide,

MailerLite is a growing email service that is comprehensive, easy to use, and good value. It is integrated into many other web platforms like Elementor with WordPress. Mailerlite offers a Developer API to make this easier

Can you please build an integration into webflow ?

Greetings from the 🇬🇧.


  • Christof Baer
  • Feb 21 2021
  • Finn Hanberg commented
    31 Jul 08:51am

    When can we see this? Zapier is making bucks playing middle man and not even doing a good job. Native integration is needed.

  • Bill Hamway commented
    19 Jul 08:48pm

    This would be great. I've been using Zapier but it does not work consistently.

  • HELPY Media commented
    31 May 01:06pm

    We switched all our Mailchimp accounts to MailerLite, would love to have a direct integration to Webflow!!

  • Miles Mitchell commented
    31 Mar 08:15pm

    Wanted to switch over from ConvertKit to MailerLite but I'll have to waittttt :(

  • Wouter Trappers commented
    10 Feb 05:11pm

    pretty please

  • Conrad X commented
    22 Jan 11:26am

    Definitely need MailerLite. Webflow and MailerLite are the best options for most new businesses, so it's such a shame Webflow doesn't have this integration. Please can we create this ASAP?

  • Nicolas Vanlerberghe commented
    5 Jan 10:42pm

    Would be great if mailerlite got integrated!

  • Mike Shaefer commented
    17 Nov, 2022 06:48pm

    Pleeeease create this integration. Thanks.

  • REAPER Tips commented
    4 Nov, 2022 08:16pm

    Need this :(

  • Lieve commented
    19 Sep, 2022 09:54am

    Yes would love this! Any news on it?

  • Kayley commented
    9 Sep, 2022 11:40am

    Cmonnnn. I was so set on using Webflow and MailerLite to set up my new biz but realising there is no integration sucks :(

  • Fuzen commented
    22 Aug, 2022 01:55pm

    Still nothing. The fact we can’t use the onClick even in Webflow really sucks because then we could easily attach to a button to spawn the pop-up. There’s a script in the forum that is supposed to allow for it but I’ve never gotten it to work. Ugh.

  • Bill commented
    17 Aug, 2022 01:04am

    Is it still not supported? And can you use the free version of zapier?

  • Pedro Erthal commented
    4 Mar, 2022 07:24pm

    100% supported.

  • Randy Garmon commented
    17 Feb, 2022 03:13pm

    I couldn't agree more. I will throw a party the day that MailerLite is integrated!

  • Skott Mellins commented
    21 Jan, 2022 09:35am
    Mailerlite integration is absolutely needed please
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