Native Form Field -> Website validtion, Address Validation, and other validations

Expand Native Input Validation Fields

Currently, native form text input options are:

  • Plain

  • Email

  • Password

  • Phone

  • Number

Ifrequenctly do manual validation rules in data-id or custom attributes. It would be nice to have the other validations native in webflow.

New Native input field validation types:

  • Website Input Validation
    Usecase: "What is your website?: [__input website here__]

    • non https prefix:,

    • https prefix:

  • Address Input Validation (with address Wizard)
    Usecase: What is your business address? (Not to be confused with e-commerce address fields). Form setup wizard ask type(s) of address input you need, particularly useful for common pick-list!!!.

    • Street Input

      • 123 Street

    • City (text)

    • State

      • (!!!) Prepopulated Picklist of all states (note: I sometimes painstakingly manually add 50 states to picklist, please add prepopulated picklist, in fact one of my teams chose Unbounce over Webflow for a project for this very reason because Unbounce had all prepopulated picklist fields.)

    • Country

      • Picklist Country

    • Postal Code

      • 00000 or 00000-0000

  • Date Input Validation

    • Day (1-31)

    • Month (1-12)

      • Month Format Wizard

    • Year (xxxx)

      • Year Format Wizard

  • Native Hidden Field Validation
    Hidden form valdation is a must have for CRM users.

    • Current URL (hidden field)

    • Landing Page (hidden field, comes with setup wizard)

    • URI Query (auto parse ?peram= to hidden field(s), comes with setup wizard)

  • Picklist Import Text File:
    Please add this it would save lots of time when working on dozens of custom input picklist variables. Huge time-saver.

    • Picklist field import txt wizard

  • New Basic Text Field Input Settings
    I currently use custom attributes for this, but it would be nice to see it in native field settings. These settings will make it much easier to be CRM compliant.

    • Min lengh should be native to input text field settings (multiple usecases)

    • Max lengh should be native to input text field settings (multiple usecases)

    • Allow (or disallow) space(s) should be native toggle to input text field settings (useful for fields that require OR does not allow spacebar inputs - this is for CRM compatibility)

    • Allow (or disallow) metacharacters (.,':!@....etc) should be native text field settings (especially useful for NAME inputs)

    • Must Contain character should be native text field option setting (especially useful for reference ticket submissions, that must contain '-')

  • Mirror Text Input Field
    Real usecase: Step 1: enter e-mail-> Step-2: Modal input all contact information. Modal Email field should match what is input step 1

    • Mirror field should have similar settings to Lightbox Grouping

    • Mirror field(s) on previous page would be very useful!

  • IX2 Form Autofocus
    Click button, autofocus on input field in modal. Set up as IX2 source -> focus target.

An update to native (codeless) validation and prepopulated picklists will be a huge game changer.

Thank you for your consideration.

See image:

  • Miek Thompson
  • Mar 2 2021
  • Reviewed