Inform if Rich image is too large

Presently for photos larger than 5MB Webflow's CMS is quickly showing a red circle (which can easily be unnoticed) on the photo and then the photo disappears, it has been confusing for some of my clients already.

Sometimes additionally it places a blank grey square at the top of the page which user is surprised to find later.

For sure I am informing them that photos should be at best below 300kb but there should be a clearer notification in case of an error, or if one simply forgot about the size of the photo.

Check out the video

  • Tomas Rotoso
  • Mar 9 2021
  • Reviewed
  • Hildebrandt Mett commented
    10 Mar, 2021 05:45am

    This is essential functionality for our clients. They take many photos to capture issues with machines from the field with limited mobile connectivity and the workarounds to resize the images are kludgy. Either more allowance for image size or an easy way to resie the photos via SF1 is a must.

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