Add comma separator to CSV files

Microsoft Excel in Europe has issues reading Webflow-exported CSV files, it inserts all columns into a single column per row, making it unreadable. This is because our unit system uses commas and our CSV files are actually separated by semicolons.

To fix it and make it more worldwide-friendly, we need the following at the top of the file:


Info about this can be found here:

EDIT: The goal is to have CSV work globally without any issue using Excel's default settings, currently we need to give our clients solutions that aren't beginner-friendly.

  • Hugo Nunes
  • Mar 10 2021
  • Reviewed
  • Fraser Watts commented
    15 Mar, 2021 04:42am
    1. Open a new Excel sheet.

    2. Click the Data tab, then From Text.

    3. Select the CSV file that has the data clustered into one column.

    4. Select Delimited, then make sure the File Origin is Unicode UTF-8.

    5. Select Comma (this is Affinity's default list separator). ...

    6. Finally, click Finish.

    7. Remember to Save your document!

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