Display “current” class in the “states” menu

Adjusting settings of the current class is currently cumbersome as you need to switch back and forth between a clicked ("current" state) button and other buttons. I think it'd be much easier if we simply had a "current state" item in the states menu.

  • Uzzer
  • Feb 9 2017
  • Alborz Heydaryan commented
    August 17, 2018 16:12

    I second this. It gets rather difficult to style the current class. Specially when you're trying to style the current-hover class, it shows: current-hover-current and them I'm no longer sure what's happening. 

  • Winston Struye commented
    January 21, 2019 19:09

    Yes, wouldn't this be fairly simple to add as well? Very frusturating

  • Allen Matsumoto commented
    February 01, 2019 20:46

    Yes, this would be helpful lots of times, but particularly for troubleshooting what I'm doing now - trying to set a Current class for an in-page nav bar, where I can't seem to set the page to a state that the nav bar recognizes as Current.