Display customer details in Editor for free products

If an item is free (0 amount), the customers details are not visible in the editor. These details are still required for admin/support purposes but are only visible via the designer.

  • Dwayne Burgess
  • Mar 19 2021
  • Reviewed
  • Admin
    Webflow Admin commented
    6 Jul, 2021 03:20pm

    Thank you for the clarification here!

  • Dwayne Burgess commented
    29 Jun, 2021 11:25pm

    Yes, by editor I mean 'staff accounts' that do not have access to the designer. These user login to their website as 'editors' and view ecommerce orders via the webflow dashboard. The customer details are not visible in this dashboard.

  • Admin
    Webflow Admin commented
    29 Jun, 2021 07:10pm

    Thank you for your submission!

    Could you please provide more context for your request? Is this an E-Commerce feature?