Wrap elements in a div with Cmd+G

Just like in Figma, Sketch or Illustrator, grouping elements by putting them in a Div Block with a keyboard shortcut of Cmd+G would be a lifesaver.

Saving billions of nanoseconds (right, Grimur?) and making Webflow Designer more intuitive.

Now, you have to:

  1. add a Div Block,

  2. select any of the elements that you wish to put within the Div Block

  3. drag them inside.

Time-consuming, especially for multiple elements.

Obviously, due to classes inheritance and specificity, elements after grouping in a Div Block probably would change their appearance and position on the page but that's to be expected when wrapping elements in a Div manually anyways.

Same goes to ungrouping, perhaps there could be a Cmd+Shift+G keyboard shortcut. And then either a modal/popup or an Option (Alt) option to preserve appearance while ungrouping/un-Div-ing/extracting elements from Divs

  • Michał Filip
  • Mar 20 2021
  • Reviewed
  • Kevin Hannon commented
    11 Feb 12:50am


  • Blake Duerden commented
    3 Feb 06:09am

    Yes! Make it so! Additionally having shortcuts for elements (divs, containers etc) would save click and remove the need to drag and reposition in Navigator

  • Piratesinvest Team commented
    26 Jan 02:53pm

    Yes! Please bring this to life!

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