Add % as an option for grid gaps.

I love the grid feature in Webflow. It helps me create interesting custom grids that would be used in print, but that are responsive in web! This works for most things EXCEPT for CMS products or collections that auto populate into columns.

I'll give you an example. The first image I've attached is a grid that uses columns as gaps. This way it's a truly fluid grid.

If I use a CMS collection it automatically fills every column, so this doesn't work. You can see this in the second image.

Webflow gaps don't allow fr so it's not truly fluid. See third image. Most options are static (em,px, etc.). If they add % we can at least do the math to fill in those gaps.

Might not be a huge thing, but I find it important to have a truly fluid responsive grid option for CMS collections.


  • Justin
  • Mar 25 2021
  • Reviewed
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