Allow iframe for custom domains

Webflow is a great tool for the no-code community - it allows us to create functionality without the pain of hiring engineers.

The problem is that to build a solution that fits your business, you usually end up with a combination of no-code services like Webflow + Airtable, Zapier etc.

This means that bits of Webflow need to be referenced in other services - usually using HTML iframe. This is currently not possible because of the free plan abuse (People iframing into their custom domain).

I discussed this on the Forums and with Support and the only way to get around this is to export the code and host it somewhere else - which is both defeating the purpose of using Webflow and also requires a Account Plan (Lite).

My proposal is to allow the ability to reference the Webflow site in an iframe for paid Site Plans so that we can leverage Webflow without the unnecessary hacks.

  • Jan Richter
  • Mar 30 2021
  • Joe Russell commented
    12 Jun, 2022 01:35pm

    Agreed, I would like to show sites that I own and pay for in an iframe on other websites. It seems this should be possible for paid Site plans.

  • Kristen Emma commented
    10 Feb, 2022 08:49am

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