Custom Thumbnail for embedded Vimeo/Youtube video

I am searching for 20 days on internet and can't find the answer. just to be clear I am not looking for video lightbox, I am looking to see how can I use a custom thumbnail as a video warpper, like the attached photo. I want to see a custom thumbnail and when I click on it I want the video to player in the exact same position.

many thanks for your help.



  • Roozbeh Misaghi
  • Apr 4 2021
  • Elliott Glover commented
    16 Apr 05:03am

    Thanks for the inforamtion keep sharing this thype of post

  • Rahul Islam commented
    6 Apr 08:59am

    Would love this but as a tempory bodge workaround could you layer a custom image on top of the video and use intereactions to hide the image once clicked?

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