Automatic Internal Linking between blog posts

Similar to some wordpress plug ins that allow you to set specific keywords that will automatically link to blog post, and search through all of your blog posts for keywords and create internal links with simple clicks. This would make creating a robust and powerfully SEO internal link environment very easy.

  • Steven Clerico
  • Apr 7 2021
  • Reviewed
  • Dave Radparvar commented
    5 Mar 08:32pm

    plus 1

  • Dominik Rapacki commented
    3 Aug, 2023 10:32am

    Tried all the apps like letterdrop etc. but they suck massievely..

    We are building a tool that is like LinkWhisper if you want to join the beta and help us here you go:

  • Parthi L commented
    27 Jul, 2023 03:48pm

    Problem solved via Webflow 3rd party app:

  • Kaden Ewald commented
    12 May, 2023 06:19pm

    Still waiting on this too!

  • YouParcel commented
    8 May, 2023 08:01pm

    Any news about this? Is there a plugin or add-on to use?

  • Social Gravity commented
    24 Apr, 2023 08:49pm

    Hi Webflow team, any chance of getting this feature on webflow websites soon?

  • Gavin commented
    20 Apr, 2023 05:04pm

    This would be really important, enough so that I'm debating a wp migration just to take advantage of this. It's a core part of SEO.

  • Ahmed Maher commented
    9 Oct, 2022 10:38am

    It's really important for SEO.

  • My Local Passion commented
    9 May, 2022 10:27am


  • Joanna Auburn commented
    11 Apr, 2022 06:45am

    Agreed - more SEO tooling is needed in webflow. It would be the reason we need to migrate to another CMS which i dont want to do. :(

  • Lesa Moné commented
    18 Jan, 2022 10:19am


  • David Haddad commented
    15 Dec, 2021 07:37pm

    Agreed. Webflow is at a big disadvantage here specially with the latest Google versions (late 2021). Anyone know of a js-based solution for internal linking?