Ability to call external APIs securely, write own backend code and connect own database to the CMS.

As a frontend developer, webflow is really great. But when it comes to securely calling up dynamic data from external APIs, this is really still missing in webflow. EditorX did a great job with their very good IDE for that matter. I would also wish that with webflow. Then you could use webflow for many more web projects...

  • Tobias Duelli
  • Apr 30 2021
  • Tobias Duelli commented
    6 May 07:21pm

    Hi Sachin,

    there are many cases where you should be able to call external APIs. For example, customers often have their own servers that can be accessed via a REST API. If you could now simply load this data with Webflow via the external REST API and display it in a similar way to the Webflow CMS (Collection list or Collection pages), you would be able to use Webflow for many more projects than just static websites or only limited dynamic websites. I think to achieve that with Webflow at the moment, you have to work with embedded elements.

    The fact that the dynamic display of data only works via the Webflow CMS limits the scope of use of Webflow very much, as you often have your own server where you can do a lot more with the data and often you don't just need this data for a website.

    A very great feature would also be if you could connect your own database (e.g. MongoDB) to Webflow so that customers could easily enter the data via the Webflow CMS Editor.

  • Sachin Deven commented
    4 May 11:05am

    Hi Tobias,

    Can you please throw light on a couple of uses cases that you would have solved by calling external APIs?


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