Various quality of life improvements

I believe many of the ideas posted in the wishlist are general quality of life updates. Things that don't require much planning on Webflow's end, but are very impactful on the user's end.

I'm going to keep a running list of these updates, so feel free to comment your own and I'll add them.



  • Better SVG/icon support

  • Multi-select elements

  • Increased flexibility with Multi-image gallery

  • Sort, search and rearrange classes

  • Sort, and rearrange components

  • Sort, and rearrange interactions

  • Sort pages


  • Table component

  • Audio Player component

  • CMS support for all components (Sliders, Tabs, etc.)


  • Real-time filtering/sorting

  • Enhanced form management (send to CMS, multiple destinations) (fulfilled in Logic)

  • Multi-select field

  • Ability to add separate collection fields by section

  • Map/address field

  • Dynamic page overrides


  • Custom thumbnails for projects

  • Enhanced editor/user permissions

  • Sort, search, multi-select, import, export and rearrange 301 redirects

  • Joseph Amato
  • May 3 2021
  • Reviewed
  • Joseph Amato commented
    28 Sep, 2021 02:10pm

    Updated today.

  • Joseph Amato commented
    4 Aug, 2021 07:01pm

    Updated today.