Backups that separate Staging and Production Sites

Use Case:

A corporate Webflow site with multiple users is in a week long "freeze" so that the team can prepare and test updates for a new product launch. During this freeze, no one is supposed to publish to the production site since the launch date is in the future. They are using the staging environment to view and test updates.


Co-worker accidentally publishes all of the updates to the production site versus the staging site, showing site visitors content that is not supposed to be released until a future date.

Current solution:

Use a backup from before the site freeze. However, this method currently restores whatever was in the back-end at the time of backup to both sites (staging/production). This is not ideal for teams who work on new ideas/content/testing on the staging site.

Suggested Solution:

When a backup is executed, restore the back-end, staging-site, and production-site to their exact, unique status.

  • Michael Stilling
  • May 11 2021
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  • Jonny Rich commented
    20 Mar 11:30am

    I need this today!

  • Logic Saint commented
    10 May, 2023 08:07am

    it's really much need feature, It just happed with us :(

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