Allow for upload JSON file "apple-app-site-association"

When you also have an app, you'd like to have deeplinks work together web you web precense. Allowing this file would make the customer journey so much cleaner

  • Naos Wilbrink
  • May 11 2021
  • Reviewed
  • Reed Dalton commented
    21 Oct 05:39pm

    wtf really??

  • Chris Chileshe commented
    7 Oct 06:14pm

    REALLY frustrating not being able to upload to /.well-known in general. Need this fixed soonest

  • Cadir Lee commented
    23 Aug 03:33pm

    Insane that this isn't implemented. So easy and so necessary.

  • Maciej Lobodzinski commented
    3 Aug 02:31pm

    Seriously, how is this still not implemented?

  • Brendan Hart commented
    7 Jul 09:33pm

    Cmon webflow it's july 2022

  • Roberto Martini commented
    29 Jun 07:47pm

    We all need this, June 2022....

  • Pete Blatchford commented
    14 Jun 08:22am

    I think we've found a workaround for this in the short term.

    By using Stacket to host the static files instead of webflow hosting, we get all the benefits of webflow, the ability to self-host the AASA file, source control with github plus bonus image compression options.

  • Andy commented
    9 Jun 09:46am

    Is there any way around this? Too far in to change from webflow now..

  • Sujoy Roy commented
    5 Apr 05:41pm

    This feature should allow for any /.well-known/* files to be returned.

  • SturdyAI Admin commented
    15 Mar 04:15pm

    this is ridiculous

  • David Weekly commented
    31 Jan 06:34pm

    This is a pretty simple request and probably a deal-breaker for us. Note that Apple does not allow for redirects in the hosting of their associated domain file, so app developers with a webflow-hosted domain root are SoL for associating their domains and apps.

  • Daniel Nagy commented
    15 Nov, 2021 08:12pm

    I'm one of the thousands who has to stop using Webflow because of this.

  • Thiago Dos Reis commented
    10 Nov, 2021 09:20pm

    This is a deal-breaker feature. So basic!

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