Allow for upload JSON file "apple-app-site-association"

When you also have an app, you'd like to have deeplinks work together web you web precense. Allowing this file would make the customer journey so much cleaner

  • Naos Wilbrink
  • May 11 2021
  • Reviewed
  • AIT LHADJ LAURENT commented
    31 Mar 08:36am

    While waiting for the feature you can use cloudflare with worker

  • Helen Sharkey commented
    20 Mar 02:07pm

    Is this being addressed by Webflow?

  • Nihat Avci commented
    21 Feb 11:12pm

    Please make that happen.

  • Jordan Washburn commented
    7 Feb 12:13am

    2024 and you're telling me I have to find another host so that I can perform this basic function?

  • Olivier commented
    19 Dec, 2023 05:04pm

    This is also causing me issues, this time for authorizing a custom app for Microsoft Teams.

  • Tobias Schmidt commented
    1 Nov, 2023 03:59pm

    Soon it will be 2024 and it is still not possible. This scares away so many customers, goodbye webflow. Such a shame

  • Carlos Crespo commented
    19 Sep, 2023 05:21pm

    Any solutions to the problem?

  • Matthew Johnson commented
    21 Jul, 2023 01:35pm

    As someone who has been with Webflow since they were very new, it's causing my dev team to reconsider other solutions---which is just silly given how standard this should be.

  • Matthew Johnson commented
    21 Jul, 2023 01:31pm

    Really disappointed that Webflow team has left this unaddressed for so long.

  • Jonathan Liu commented
    16 Jun, 2023 06:32pm

    the /.well-known 301 redirect doesnt work because of the period.

  • Jonathan Liu commented
    16 Jun, 2023 06:32pm

    please i need this!

  • Florent de Goriainoff commented
    31 May, 2023 06:22pm

    +1 as well

  • Jonny Haynes commented
    22 May, 2023 02:12pm

    This is essential. +1 from a UK-regulated bank...

  • Isa commented
    10 May, 2023 09:01am

    Impossible to implement Apple Pay via Stripe easily on webflow due to the fact that it is impossible to host the verification file in the .well-known folder of the site... So annoying.

  • Colin Masters commented
    20 Apr, 2023 05:25am

    April 2023 - ChatGPT-4 exists and Webflow is unusable to app developers 😂

  • Nathalie Schütt commented
    16 Feb, 2023 04:14pm

    This option is an absolute MUST! Please realize this upload possibility as soon as possible.

  • Renan Bronchart commented
    15 Feb, 2023 11:13am

    I really need to add this feature to all landing page for app download

  • Kajal Valand commented
    5 Jan, 2023 10:08pm

    we need more people to vote for this for Webflow to even look at this.

    I really need this too!! 🙏🏽

  • Travis Martin commented
    2 Jan, 2023 06:06pm

    Cannot move to Webflow until we can host this file and the assetlinks.json for our app deep linking

  • Sven Resch commented
    20 Dec, 2022 10:34pm

    Very much need this!

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