Custom HTML elements or more HTML elements

Being restricted to only Webflow's pre defined html elements is often limiting.

I want to be able to add <address>some address</address> without using the embed as this adds an extra div to the page.

We use Webflow for various purposes and one of them is creating the base html code to use in a web or mobile application such as Angular. Often this uses many custom elements which makes Webflow limiting for those needs. For example <mycustom-element>

Lastly there are several html elements missing from Webflow that makes it a challenge to always write the most semantic markup. For example no <address> element.

  • Andy Neale
  • Feb 10 2017
  • Cheryl Totty commented
    24 Apr, 2017 09:37pm

    I would also like to see more HTML5 element tags added, specifically <details> and <summary> since I create several show/hide type information. Thanks!

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