Show what Undo / Redo will do

[ IDEA ] : Add simple ALT-TEXT that pops-up when you hover over the the UNDO (or) REDO Button, stating the exact/specific action that the UNDO/REDO Button is going to make.



  • While working on a site, making an error is fairly common - and oftentimes you will make a few changes before you realize an error was made, or that you need to do things in a different way.. However, without ALT-TEXT to guide you back to the exact state you want to be at, you are stuck "guessing" and "hoping" that you end up where you want to be, and that you don't accidently UNDO something that may not be immediately visible/noticeable.



  • It's a very SIMPLE, QUICK, and EASY addition to make to the Designer, with a HUGE IMPACT!
  • It would aid GREATLY in avoiding Workflow confusions, accidents, and needlessly wasted time!

  • It would be VERY helpful for such a simple pop-up alt text box to appear briefly when you hover over the UNDO or REDO Button, telling you exactly what changes it would make, before you make them, and so you can efficiently correct your errors without being left in the dark guessing.
  • Studio2bDesigns .com
  • Feb 11 2017
  • Matan Assulin commented
    25 Dec, 2023 08:27pm
  • Ethan Apalis commented
    17 Apr, 2017 03:41am

    I second this; was just about to post this idea but it looks like you beat me to it.  This would be a very welcome change that would drastically increase the reliability of the Webflow Editor.  Please consider this and thank you Studi2bDesigns! :)

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