Higher priority for fixing bugs

I would rather have a product that does 10 things well and without frustration than one that does 15 things but only if you fight and hack your way through it. I'm not alone in this.

I run into bugs very often in Webflow--to the point where I would say it's perhaps the buggiest major piece of software I've ever used. Commonly I look a bug up in the forum and find reports of it by other users dating years back--and often with Webflow staff chiming in saying "we're about to fix it", which clearly never happened. I used to report bugs often myself--none are fixed up to two years later and counting. Too often I even get the run-around from the staff member answering the message, claiming that a problem that is clearly a bug is actually intended.

I've long ago given up reporting bugs.

I understand a young and cash-strapped company prioritizing development of new features. However, you're no longer young or cash-strapped. Continuing with this general philosophy might work in the short term but will fail you and your users in the long term. Just look at the number of users who gave up on Windows and moved to Apple in the 00s. Or the number of people who ditched GM cars in favour of Japanese in the 90s. Time and again across markets consumers show that they will flock to the most solidly built product, often making sacrifices to do so. Please take this to heart.

  • Giles Holland
  • May 23 2021
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  • Ben commented
    30 Jan, 2023 12:25pm

    Quite frankly they need to halt all development and focus on fixing bugs. They are on a one-way road to bankruptcy if they don't get these constant reliability and performance issues with the Webflow Designer under control. Webflow is a truly abysmal product right now.

  • Dario Stefanutto commented
    13 Sep, 2021 03:51pm

    Totally agree. I would add that some default components need some updating. For example, working with sliders is a nightmare. Also some core interactions could be improved, for example being able to select multiple objects would be great.

  • Simon Lucas commented
    4 Aug, 2021 09:38pm

    My bad it says 0 votes left...but my other point still stands :-)

  • Simon Lucas commented
    4 Aug, 2021 09:37pm

    Just on this note, it seems I can't even vote on this as there is a bug in the voting system it seems.

    +1 on this...please focus on fixing the bugs I have noticed several in the designer recently

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