Add more video formats and sources

Requested formats/source for the video element and CMS video field type.

  • AWS S3

  • Cloudfront

  • MP4

  • OGG

  • Webm

  • AVIF

  • Loom

  • VideoAsk

  • Vidyard

  • Webflow Admin
  • May 28 2021
  • Reviewed
  • Rachel How commented
    9 May 01:26am


  • Jorge Gamboa commented
    31 Jan 03:05am

    Would love to post a great Loom video to my website

  • Andy commented
    8 Nov, 2023 10:53pm

    Would also love to see Loom added to this list, if it’s possible! It’s a hit with everyone I share videos with.

  • Videolinq commented
    26 Oct, 2022 09:37pm

    Please add support for iFrame video player. This will allow embed video from Videolinq and other streaming platforms to deliver live video on Webflow websites.

  • Øyvind Østmo commented
    15 Sep, 2022 02:49pm

    Please add Loom support - we use videos everywhere all the time - it's so good, so quick and so easy!

  • Carson Poole commented
    1 Aug, 2022 01:03pm

    Ability to add Loom videos in CMS to embed in blog posts would be amazing.

  • +11