CMS within Text Span

For example if you want one word in the middle of a paragraph to be Dynamic content without needing to add 3 text elements to connect the second text element to CMS for the same result as if the text span would have been able to connect to CMS.

Not a big deal, but would be great to fix:))

  • Simon Nilsen
  • Jun 4 2021
  • Reviewed
  • Soraya Demmers commented
    29 Feb 02:00pm

    THIS! Would be nice for other tags too like bold, italic etc.

  • Isabel commented
    7 Feb 11:46am

    +1 plsssss

  • Sean Connelly commented
    9 Nov, 2023 08:16pm

    doesn't work for h1 🫠

  • Sean Connelly commented
    9 Nov, 2023 08:15pm

    ah man. Just ran into this expecting it to work. Have to stack text elements as a workaround I guess?

  • BEEM commented
    26 Oct, 2023 08:45pm

    +1 Please I need this like yesterday

  • Tom commented
    23 Oct, 2023 11:56am

    +1, we need this please 🙂

  • Stuart Mason commented
    30 Aug, 2023 02:57pm

    +1 for this feature!

  • Nathan Covey commented
    8 Aug, 2023 02:17am


  • Daniel Blank commented
    11 May, 2023 12:53pm

    Yes, this feature sure would be handy!

  • Catalin commented
    26 Apr, 2023 01:56pm

    Wow... This needs to be implemented.

  • Rien commented
    9 Mar, 2023 10:48am

    This is still a very welcome feature. I'll describe our use case for this. We have customer success stories on our website. They are in a caroussel on the homepage and you can click on one to go to the respective page with the full story. I want the title of that page to be
    <h1>Customer success story: {companyName}</h1>
    However, I can´t do this right now! Making two h1-tags to achieve this would of course be a nightmare for SEO.

  • Ross Newton commented
    2 Dec, 2022 04:35pm

    Add three text fields doesn't work when trying to create a dynamic H1 heading, for example. You can't add any more elements into a heading.

    And paragraph text that you convert to a span can't be linked to a dynamic field.

  • Alex Bass commented
    9 Nov, 2022 09:26pm

    This would make my life SO much easier, honestly shocked it still doesn't seem to exist? Makes creating many more complex landing pages incredibly difficult.

    Anyone aware of a workaround? That thread mentioned here was from 2015/16.

  • Paul Seymour commented
    22 Jul, 2022 04:55am

    Interestingly, found this - - Where someone from Webflow at the time says:

    "We wanted to support this functionality at launch but couldn’t get to it due to some complexity. In essence it’s like adding a span around a part of the text (in a paragraph for example) and having that text come from the database. We don’t have support for that yet.

    For now you’ll have to add a div, add 3 text blocks and float them all or make them all display: inline, and bind the middle one to a text field so it pulls from the database."

    So, if you ind this in the future, at least there's a wonky work around for now. You'd think 8 years on they might have gotten to this maybe hmmm... 🤔 Easier said than done, I'm sure.

  • Gregory Hill commented
    8 May, 2022 05:42pm

    This would be a really big help and make a world of difference. It’s a major oversight for a basic functionality, in my own humble opinion. Please do address this.

  • +4