Lock a breakpoint

It happens too often, that you spend a long time building your website in the wrong breakpoint and don't realize it. It would be a huge help, if you could lock breakpoints when you don't want to work in them.

  • Sara Seidler
  • Jun 24 2021
  • Reviewed
  • Indra Tinot-Patole commented
    5 Feb 10:10am

    We need this please !
    Can be very frustrating to redo everything if all what was done is on the wrong breakpoint...
    Can be reason to explore other tools :/

  • Matan Assulin commented
    25 Dec, 2023 08:32pm

    checkout AidKit for Webflow to make your breakpoints more noticeable and avoid that mistake we all make!

  • J commented
    5 Nov, 2023 03:01am

    This would be really helpful!

    iPhone SE / 5 and earlier would be great as a canvas option, but a larger default canvas (and ability to lock breakpoints) would be way more useful.

  • Maria Donchenko commented
    17 Dec, 2022 12:17pm

    We need this feature!

  • Emergency Room commented
    17 Nov, 2022 11:02am

    Surprised this wasn't already a feature

  • Digitise commented
    27 Jun, 2022 03:44am

    Please add this feature

  • Rob commented
    14 May, 2022 03:38pm

    Please, please make this happen. It would be such a huge help.

  • Kurt Miller commented
    23 Feb, 2022 06:22pm

    Must have - Need to be able to lock mobile breakpoints, as there are certain desktop edits that I do not ever want to cascade to smaller screens (headers, in particular)

  • Edward Vizard commented
    22 Feb, 2022 05:47pm

    Please Webflow, only just started and already did it 3-4 times today. Thanks!

  • Pavel commented
    23 Dec, 2021 12:15pm

    Must have feature!

  • Minas-Marios Kontis commented
    8 Oct, 2021 09:00pm

    F@@k I spent a week building my site and customizing all the colors, dimensions and distances in my site and suddently I had found out I just created a hole in the water. F@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@k Webflow really sucks without this feature.

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