Add Support for Rive Files

Hi Webflow, I really love simple animations. Adding little animations to a static site adds a whole breath of fresh air. It makes the user experience more enjoyable.

That's why I love to share this Rive with you. is web-based motion design tool, specifically, made for creating animaiton for web and games.

It's similar to lootie, but with a lot more controls.

I would love if you can add support for rive files, they will be a great alternative to lootie :)

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  • Jun 27 2021
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  • Keithen Weber commented
    19 May 10:35pm

    why is this only at 188😩

  • Brenneisen Theiss Communications commented
    4 May 11:23pm


  • 플럭서스 commented
    29 Mar 12:26pm

    RIVE is many times better than LOTTIE, and you can improve the quality of your website by leaps and bounds just by applying it.

  • Claudio M commented
    17 Mar 08:14pm

    Agree, that would be amazing!

  • P F commented
    5 Mar 12:12pm

    We want Rive!

  • Miles Mitchell commented
    9 Feb 11:22pm

    This would make Webflow projects even more magical then they already are 🪄

  • Webmaster Hive commented
    3 Feb 10:34am

    This would be super useful. Use AE for creating micro-animations is like using Photoshop to design UIs.

  • Patrik Leng commented
    31 Jan 11:35pm

    Im a new web designer and Im loving webflow. But then I see how easy it is to integrate riv file into framer, it makes me think of switching to framer. Please, make webflow perfect by this simple thing. Thank you!

  • Zach Stevens commented
    31 Jan 07:08pm


  • John Martinez commented
    26 Jan 10:28pm


  • Rivan Sigarlaki commented
    29 Dec, 2022 11:59pm


  • Dan Root commented
    16 Dec, 2022 09:39pm

    I agree, would be an amazing addition. Plus Framer and Flutterflow have a direct integration.

  • Benjamin Mace commented
    15 Dec, 2022 04:39pm


  • Jörgen Lannerstedt commented
    14 Dec, 2022 04:02pm


  • Martijn Hoppenbrouwer commented
    8 Dec, 2022 02:08pm


  • Emile Jansen commented
    2 Dec, 2022 12:35pm

    yes please

  • Dale Janzen commented
    28 Nov, 2022 10:34pm

    Adding native Rive animation support would be SO very useful now, and open up a lot of additional wonderfulness going forward! Sooner than later, please.

  • Rolans Kims commented
    22 Nov, 2022 01:56pm

    Rive provides interactivity Lottie cannot have - by design. A deeper integration with Rive would be very helpful for things like micro-interactions.

  • DIVYANSH KUMAR commented
    19 Nov, 2022 11:28am


  • Chadwick Dewey commented
    18 Nov, 2022 06:49pm

    I agree, our current website uses RIVE's animaiton embeded into the website, which is great, but the animaiton are a little slow to load and there aren't as many integration opportuntities. Webflow its time to upgrade!

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