Integration with ERPNext

ERPNext is an open source ERP application for SMEs. They have an excellent platform covering all business needs from accounting, quality, selling, purchasing, support, CRM, HR, Loans and other ERP modules.

One interesting module is the website module. In it, one can create a website for their business with blogs, customer portals, ecommerce functionality.

The ecommerce function they provide is applicable for small and limited product variants right up to complex product variants.

It can also connect to shopify with the backend product database from erpnext and frontend design from shopify.

It would be helpful to have such a connector with webflow and erpnext.

OR even great to have website code of webflow natively compatible with erpnext. for .eg. Designing the whole website on webflow along with ecommerce, support, customer portals, blogs, login page and then exporting the code to ERPNext. The code will automatically merge with the ERPNext website module.

(I am not an employee of ERPNext. I use it for my business and it would be helpful to have web design freedom that webflow provides integrate with a robust erp application.)

  • Gaurav Kangane
  • Jun 30 2021
  • +2