IX2 "scroll in view" refinement

I imagine by now many of you have used the "while scrolling through view" functionality on Webflow. The issue with the current implementation is it works very few parameters not giving you much flexibility.

Let's say for example that you have a blog with an hero area introducing the article that is the height of 600px and starts at the top of the screen. This is a layout that is used very often (example: http://themenectar.com/demo/salient-blog-dark/we-encountered-a-true-paradise/). Currently, this isn't possible in Webflow as you would have to calculate the percentage from the bottom of the viewport which isn't consistent from screen to screen. The other option I've seen people do is apply the parallax effect to the page but in a CMS setting such as a blog, it's not possible to determine the height of the page.

A tool I have used previously is called basicScroll (https://basicscroll.electerious.com/), this has a very good way of defining how you would like the parallax to be calculated (https://github.com/electerious/basicScroll#start-and-stop-position).

I believe that this implementation of how Webflow calculates an element scrolling through the viewport would vastly improve what people can do within Webflow.

Here is a mockup I have made on how this may look

And here on how you would fix the issue mentioned above

  • Tom Smedley
  • Jun 30 2021
  • Reviewed