SOLD out option for products so users can view but not purchase

If you want to showcase an item on your site, but indicate that it is not available for purchase and a user cannot purchase this item.

  • Cristina Rago
  • Jul 1 2021
  • Reviewed
  • Sean commented
    2 Jul, 2021 01:33am

    to flush this one out a bit more, please add a waitlist for sold out items. Allow me to add X stock and have email alert options for 1) the first X that were added to the list or 2) everybody on the list but item still shows “sold out” but “in stock” if product is opened from email link string or 3) everybody on list gets an email and stock is shown on website for all non-list customers as well.

    For case 1) let me choose a time period for these people to buy. After timeout move down the list to next customer. After list is exhausted, show remaining quantities on the website or simply enable the Add to Cart at this time.