More layout options for each Pre-built Layout

Webflow is currently great for people building a site entirely from scratch, or from an entire theme package, but not so great for people who like to build upon simple pre-built section layout templates.

The "Pre-Built Layouts" feature is great, but limited. It would be nice if each of the current layouts could become categories, and then give each category 5-10 different layout options to choose from.

For example, the "Hero" layout currently has text on the left, and an image on the right. That's the only hero option you can choose from. It would be great to make "Heros" a category, and then within that category, the ability to choose from the following layouts: "Hero: Right Image", "Hero: Centered Image", "Hero: Left Image", etc.

Another example: For the "Sticky Nav" category, have "Sticky Nav: Left Logo with Right Navlinks", "Sticky Nav: Left Logo with Centered Navlinks", and "Sticky Nav: Centered Logo with Left-Right Navlinks", etc.

  • Alan Kemsley
  • Jul 7 2021
  • Reviewed