Color/ Image swatches for Webflow E-commerce

The addition of variant buttons was great, but there are many many use-cases where you'd want to be able to display a small image thumbnail as a variant, instead of plain text (for example for clothing, all of my competitors are using image swatches instead of dropdowns or regular text buttons). All we need is the ability to add an image to the button and pull the Variant Image.

And for color swatches, the ability to add a color picker field to the CMS item and dynamically pull it. It would be a great addition to the customization of the product page.

At the moment, for product image swatches i'm using a very manual workaround where i've segmented each color into a different cms item and tied the together with a multi-reference field, but there are many reasons this is not optimal.

Please take the variant button feature all the way to the end.

  • Babus Design
  • Jul 13 2021
  • Reviewed
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