Markdown/HTML Support in Forms

I am finding the forms limitations a bit frustrating as time goes on. It would be amazing if Webflow would support Markdown/HTML in <textarea> fields within forms. Keyword "support."

I am not asking Webflow to supply a WYSIWYG editor because there are great plugins for that which are easy to implement. Unless they want to offer what is being used for the Rich Text Elements, but again, not as important as simply allowing form fields to accept Markdown or some formatted text.

I wish we were able to offer a similar writing experience as any basic email client that has some basic formatted text. Being able to press enter and write a new paragraph instead of Webflow mashing it all together into 1 paragraph when the form is submitted. Simple text links or being able to Bold or Underline some text. Simple bullet, ordered and unordered lists. How about being able to use Webflow forms to populate Rich Text fields in our CMS via Zapier?

I think you pretty much get the idea. I have heard a lot of people wanting this and I searched for Markdown support in forms here and didn't see anything. So, maybe we can come together here and upvote this in hopes we can actually make this a reality in Webflow.

  • Noah Raskin
  • Jul 14 2021
  • Reviewed