Ability to choose "Decorative" for multiple images at once

When a project have many decorative assets, it is quite sisyphic to go over each item and add the "Decorative" option.

An option to multi-select and apply this option to all assets at once will make our work better and faster!

  • Aviv Shwartz
  • Jul 17 2021
  • Reviewed
  • Mustafa Günaytekin commented
    13 Apr 02:11pm

    I realized that this option is missing after adding more than 500 assets to my pages. Please, we really need this.

  • Julius Huck commented
    27 May, 2023 03:17pm

    I'm currently setting this property on 150+ icons... My hand is suffering... Please add this feature

  • Oskar Kjos commented
    26 Jan, 2023 07:44pm

    This will be so helpfull and cant be that hard to add! Love the idea

  • Paulina Tsui commented
    30 Jul, 2021 08:25pm

    Yes! Sites have so many decorative images and icons. At some point I might have to go back and resize everything or reupload for optimization and that will be a pain. Plus the click surface for the cog to open the settings is so small it makes it extra tedious to do it for so many.

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