Remove Desktop Breakpoints (ability to remove 1280, 1440, 1920 breakpoints)

This is a pain that once you added a 1280px breakpoint you have to develop your project being on a small screen between 992px and 1279px even if you work on a huge 5K monitor. And each time you want to quickly check how it looks on larger width you have to switch to the larger breakpoint and REMEMBER to switch back to continue editing a website.

I just want to be able to remove these breakpoints if I need. Recently I copied an element from another project and didn't notice it had styles for 1280, and I realised that my project have this breakpoint only several days later when a lot of work was already done :c

  • Slava Fedosenko
  • Jul 23 2021
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  • Ommy Harion commented
    1 Sep 03:47am

    I've started to learn how to do responsive design. I've now set off to re design my personal portfolio and wanted to start of easy with only 3 breaking points.

    I've tried to google what basic 3 I should use but 90% of sites say you should scale up on lots of break points.

    Now as I'm new to this I want to make it a little easier on me with only 3, plus this is my portfolio so its not going to get much traffic (and I have a feeling I will become restless and redesign it again in 6 months anyway).

  • Karna Corp commented
    9 Aug 04:32pm

    I am not sure if you are aware of it, the new Finsweet Browser Extension is now capable of providing this.

  • Stream By stream commented
    27 Jul 04:54pm

    I do have the samt problem. How can I remove a breakpoint (for responsivness changes) if I dont use this anymore?

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