Make CMS ItemID Available on Individual Collection Pages

Any chance we can get access (read only) to the ItemId for individual CMS items?

This would enable developers to build more robust applications that interface with Webflow's CMS without having to rely on CMS fields that could change (slug, name, etc.) or additional API calls to retrieve the information. A current workaround is to create a Field called ItemId and copy/paste the ID in there but this falls down at scale, or for production-grade applications.

Ways it could be accessed - I'll take anything!:

1. As a data attribute on the <html> tag. This currently has the pageID and siteID but no itemID :(.

2. As a value in a code embed.

3. As a dynamic attribute (thanks for adding this by the way!)

Would be great to have it available within a CMS collection list on other pages as well, but not necessary.

Thank you!


  • Web Bae
  • Aug 9 2021
  • Reviewed
  • Web Bae commented
    18 Mar, 2023 05:55pm

    I just made a major edit to this description - Webflow could you please review again?

  • Maureen Maher commented
    24 Apr, 2022 11:15pm

    Agree with Keegan, copying and pasting the ItemId for thousands of entries is a no go for us.

  • Web Bae commented
    9 Aug, 2021 11:08pm for a workaround that requires copy/pasting the CMS ID to another form field, essentially defeating the automation opportunity of Zapier.