API for Ecommerce Discounts

How :
The same way collections are addressed via API, it would be awesome if we could address all the existing fields (name, value, type, max user limit, max limit...) via your api. Any discount would be an item of the collection.

Why :

Discounts are super painful to maintain when you have >10K users and it's a full time job to adjust the amount / the new discounts of the new users each morning.

We're using them for :
1. the referral program (a code XXXX gives a user A 15% and our system increments +10€ the code YYYYY in our DB), the mechanics is ruled by our system and the right amount is displayed on the front end but it can't be automatically updated.
2. new members created via memberstack have access to 2 discount codes (the referral code to share and the one they can apply to redeem their reusable containers + when they referred someone). The mechanics is also powered by our system and properly displayed but not automatically pushed in Webflow.

Who would benefit from it :
Any power user of the e-commerce !

  • Meryem Benmouaz
  • Aug 11 2021
  • Reviewed