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Next Version of the CMS API Merged

In addition to filtering/sorting for API Calls:

  • bulk operations would probably make sense (unless I missed it in the API)

  • This is actually doable today with the live=true query string (for CRUD operations) so what I'm probably seeing is an "issue" that requires the "publish fix". Additionally, the API already has publish (site) endpoint
    auto publish "modify" operations in the API (it's my understanding that only an ADD can be "auto published" with the optional "live" query string setting. Other actions, for safety require a "publish" along with API calls...(requiring someone to do something at the UI level in addition to API calls).

    • If this is a security measure, perhaps require an "additional" claim/role API user level (?) to mitigate destructive API level actions.

  • Pif Life
  • Aug 24 2021
  • In progress