Allow links to CMS Collection Items from Reference Fields

If I have a CMS Collection with a reference field, it should be possible to add a dynamic link element to a collection list that inserts a link to the referenced collection item, not the current collection item.

Use case example:

  • A real estate website has a "Properties" CMS Collection, with a bunch of fields like multi-images, descriptions, pricing, etc.

  • A second CMS Collection for "Featured Properties" which populates a small grid of properties displayed on the home page. This collection includes a small set of fields such as display order, custom featured image, and a reference field to the Properties collection so that other details like price, title, property status can automatically update.

When templating the front page of the site, I can use a collection list to dynamically display all featured properties in specific filtering and sort orders, and further pull in information like name, image, description, price, from the referenced Property entered into that featured item, but there is no option to automatically add the direct link to that property to a link block.

Link blocks should be able to pull in the link to the collection item, like they can pull in an image or text block.

  • Quentin
  • Aug 25 2021
  • Already exists