Sliders with 1:1 touch movement

The current slider widget in webflow is feeling quite a bit dated. It would be great if the slider widget would have the same touch functionality, as the slider on the webflow theme site already has:

This way the slider widget will feel way more intuitive on mobile. These days, everyone is used to being able to push and pull the content, to either look at the next image or dismiss it.

  • Dennis Winter
  • Feb 14 2017
  • Daniel Gola commented
    30 Jan, 2018 07:05pm

    Hi there, 

    lack of decent gesture support means that for me Webflow is nice, but not cool. Did someone write any code that improves this feature (extend webflow.js)? It's annoying that when I work with a frontend prepared in webflow, I have to change javascript and add third party libraries for precise gesture support each time.

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