Team creators get a free seat on each Team, Webflow makes more money

Team seats and more revenue for Webflow
I think that the account owner / team creator for every team should get a free seat.

This creates an incentive for more teams to be created.

I imagine you have a bunch of active webflow users who are on multiple teams who cringe when they have to buy multiple seats for themselves - one for every team they create. If you made it so the first seat is free with every team, this "yuck moment" with Webflow would go away. And that means more teams would be created, and more seats would be sold. Do the user research on this. I bet it's true.

I just tested this on my small little 1 person, 1 team account. If I create a 2nd team, and I want to be part of this 2nd team, I need to create another seat for me. So now I'm paying for 2 seats for MY EMAIL ADDRESS - one for the 1st team and one for the 2nd team. This definitely feels yucky. I'm creating teams and adding seats for different people. I'm effectively acting as a revenue center for Webflow - delivering more $ to you by getting more people to use your product. And yet every time I add a team and deliver new revenue to Webflow, I have to pay for the privilege of delivering more revenue to Webflow? That's completely backwards. The minute I start creating teams, I am an asset and should be seen as a revenue partner, not a paying client.

I believe this is a compelling argument why the account owner / team creator for every team should get a free seat.

  • Peter Kuperman
  • Aug 27 2021
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  • Bahar Vahidian commented
    1 Jul, 2022 06:45am

    WeFlow is an expensive tool specially for people who doesn't earn money in Dollar. Please consider this need as it will help more people/ companies to use the platform.

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