Bulk add / remove Team Users (especially for Educators)

I'm posting here per recommendation from Ania from Webflow Classroom in our support conversations.

As an educator, I started using Webflow in 2020, and started teaching it in July 2021. I hope to continue to use the platform as it is an excellent introduction for students new to web design.

Every semester I would have to add/remove 30-50 students to my Educator team. At the start of the semester, I need to add one by one (the email field doesn't even let me paste a comma-separated list!). Similarly, I will also need to remove every student when the unit is complete from the team.

The idea:

- Bulk add students by email (allowing a comma-separated or line-separated list for easy copy-pasting out of student lists)

- Bulk remove students (In the Manage Team, Select All Members, Bulk Remove.

This would remove a lot of frictions for educators like myself, and save me 30 minutes every semester. Imagine all the time you would save for teachers in the world!

  • Xavier Ho
  • Aug 30 2021
  • Reviewed