Ability to Schedule Updates to Already Published Posts

Hi Webflow Devs,

During COVID times, meetings, events, conferences, concerts, can often get cancelled or dates changed.

We find that out hospitality and F&B clients often need to schedule these changes to appear on existing posts - however webflow only allows scheduling to happen on new-never-published-before-posts.

So this means that to schedule a change to an existing post, a client needs to duplicate the post, delete the old one, update the new dates (on the newly created duplicate) and then schedule - essentially creating a new post every time they want to place a schedule on previously existing posts.

As a small update to webflow:

It would be great if we/clients could simply revert an existing post to 'draft' and then be able to schedule the update to the post?

As a larger update to webflow:

It would be great if we/clients could somehow schedule changes to a post-as a version of the post - So essentially the post gets duplicated with the new changes. and the new version replaces the old version at the scheduled time. This way the new version can be edited separately and removed at any point if needed.

Webflow community: Let me know if this is a feature you also would find useful for your clients?



  • Nicholas Littlemore
  • Sep 1 2021
  • Reviewed